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A Modest Proposition

How terribly inactive have I been! Blame it on the burnout that comes from being in graduate school and my own laziness. Well that has to change. And yet, the work levels are only increasing for me making it harder to be active here.

This then is a modest proposition. I plan to write at least 20 articles in 2019. But why not aim higher? New Year, new resolution, new me – about that time to make promises. But we hardly ever keep them do we? So, to avoid promises I cannot keep, to avoid unnecessary self-imposed pressures, here is the goal. I will write at least 20 articles in 2019. I also want my blogging to become something that is laid back and relaxing, hence the modest aim.

In fact, I am going to take the pressure of myself further by counting this as one of the articles (man, I am smart)! Nineteen more to go!

Update: Spectacularly failed on fulfilling this. So no more modest or immodest propositions from me 🙂